For centuries in the Age of Strife humanity has found itself cut off, isolated from the greater galactic empire it once lay claim to. In these testing times rather than come together for the good of Terra its populace have descended into bitter rivalry as they consume one another for what precious land and resources can be scoured from the homeworld.

As genecrafting and radioative fallous from bitter conflicts pushes the species to the extremes, psykers become more commonplace be they willing or enslaves to the armies with which they fight. Phosphex, Thermonuclear weapons and Chemical Warfare all seek to choke the last vestiges of life from Terra Divided.

Nation turns against nation, Demagogues rise up seeking power in exchange for false promises of salvation, Madness drives the Techobarbarians to loot and destroy.And somewhere, buried deep in secret laboratories an ancient figure prepares to reveal him presence.

Terra is Divided

And so begin the Unification Wars

KITBASHED is about Creating
At its heart a concept of artistic creation, passion and the strive to bring new and interesting concepts to the fore. We believe adamantly in a open, inclusive hobby of representation and free sharing of ideas. Feedback in the hobby is a vital and much loved concept as it allows us to understand and develop new and cool ideas to help move it forward, but always remember you as the creator hold say over your projects.

If the motivation for a conversion is pure, and the content is not designed to offend then the end result is a fantastic expansion of possibilities for the games universe in which they reside.

All Warhammer based conversions are welcome to be shared on Kitbashed with the following provisos:

Offensive, Inappropriate or Divisive real world based conversions will never be welcome

Hate speech, hateful content, or deliberate attempts to misrepresent anothers work will never be welcome